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+400 Social Bookmarking Sites List – Instant Approval Do Follow Backlinks

400 social bookmarking sites list

In the ever-evolving world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the importance of social bookmarking remains a constant.

This tried-and-true strategy, when applied with precision and understanding, can offer significant benefits in terms of your website’s visibility and ranking.

With the emphasis shifting more towards the quality of social bookmarking sites rather than sheer quantity, it’s become crucial to keep pace with the continually changing landscape of high Domain Authority social bookmarking sites. 

This detailed guide aims to navigate this landscape as we head into 2023, offering insights into the world of high DA dofollow social bookmarking sites and a free social bookmarking sites list.

Deep Dive into Social Bookmarking

Before plunging into the vast ocean of social bookmarking websites, let’s take a moment to understand the concept of social bookmarking.

In its most basic form, social bookmarking is a method that internet users employ to save, categorize, search, and manage ‘bookmarks’ of web pages that they find interesting or useful.

Unlike private bookmarks found on your browser, social bookmarking happens online.

The ‘bookmarks’ or web page links are saved on a social bookmarking site, accessible from any device with an internet connection.

This shared nature of social bookmarking makes it a powerful tool for promoting your website or blog on a global scale.

Unveiling the SEO Potential of Social Bookmarking Sites

If you’re an SEO professional or a digital marketer, social bookmarking is an invaluable tool you can leverage to boost your site’s visibility and rankings. Here’s why social bookmarking sites are essential for SEO:

  1. Generation of Backlinks: The primary benefit of using social bookmarking sites is the creation of backlinks. These sites provide an excellent platform to create high-quality links back to your website, bolstering your SEO performance. High DA social bookmarking sites offer backlinks that are especially beneficial.
  2. Boost in Traffic: Bookmarking your website on a popular social bookmarking site exposes it to a larger audience. This increased visibility can result in a significant uptick in traffic to your site.
  3. Faster Indexing: Search engines like Google often discover new websites through these bookmarked links. Therefore, social bookmarking can expedite the process of your website’s indexing.
  4. Enhanced Search Engine Ranking: Social bookmarking sites with high DA can contribute to improving your website’s position in search engine rankings.

In short, these social bookmarking sites serve as a bridge between your website and higher visibility, faster indexing, and better ranking on search engines.

Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023 High DA, Do Follow and With Instant Approval

  • 1001bookmarks.com
  • 45listing.com
  • 7bookmarks.com
  • 7prbookmarks.com
  • active-bookmarks.com
  • admiralbookmarks.com
  • adsbookmark.com
  • advicebookmarks.com
  • affiliated-business.com
  • agency-social.com
  • agendabookmarks.com
  • akonter.com
  • akonter.com
  • allbookmarking.com
  • allkindsofsocial.com
  • allyourbookmarks.com
  • alphabookmarking.com
  • altbookmark.com
  • apollobookmarks.com
  • ariabookmarks.com
  • artybookmarks.com
  • atozbookmarkc.com
  • bagtheweb.com
  • baidubookmark.com
  • bbsocialclub.com
  • binksites.com
  • blogengage.com
  • bookmark-dofollow.com
  • bookmark-group.com
  • bookmark-master.com
  • bookmark-media.com
  • bookmark-nation.com
  • bookmark-rss.com
  • bookmark-search.com
  • bookmark-share.com
  • bookmark-template.com
  • bookmark-vip.com
  • bookmark4seo.com
  • bookmark4you.com
  • bookmarkalexa.com
  • bookmarkangaroo.com
  • bookmarkassist.com
  • bookmarkbay.com
  • bookmarkbells.com
  • bookmarkbirth.com
  • bookmarkblast.com
  • bookmarkboom.com
  • bookmarkbooth.com
  • bookmarkchamp.com
  • bookmarkcitizen.com
  • bookmarkcolumn.com
  • bookmarkcork.com
  • bookmarkdistrict.com
  • bookmarkeasier.com
  • bookmarkerz.com
  • bookmarketmaven.com
  • bookmarkextent.com
  • bookmarkfame.com
  • bookmarkfavors.com
  • bookmarkfeeds.com
  • bookmarkfollow.com
  • bookmarkforest.com
  • bookmarkfox.com
  • bookmarkfriend.com
  • bookmarkgenious.com
  • bookmarkgenius.com
  • bookmarkhard.com
  • bookmarkick.com
  • bookmarkilo.com
  • bookmarkindexing.com
  • bookmarking1.com
  • bookmarkingace.com
  • bookmarkingalpha.com
  • bookmarkingbay.com
  • bookmarkingdepot.com
  • bookmarkingfeed.com
  • bookmarkinginfo.com
  • bookmarkinglife.com
  • bookmarkinglog.com
  • bookmarkingquest.com
  • bookmarkity.com
  • bookmarkize.com
  • bookmarkja.com
  • bookmarkjourney.com
  • bookmarklayer.com
  • bookmarkleader.com
  • bookmarklethq.com
  • bookmarklinking.com
  • bookmarklinkz.com
  • bookmarklinx.com
  • bookmarklogin.com
  • bookmarkloves.com
  • bookmarkmargin.com
  • bookmarkmiracle.com
  • bookmarkmoz.com
  • bookmarkoffire.com
  • bookmarkpagerank.com
  • bookmarkpath.com
  • bookmarkport.com
  • bookmarkpressure.com
  • bookmarkprobe.com
  • bookmarkproduct.com
  • bookmarkquotes.com
  • bookmarkrange.com
  • bookmarks-hit.com
  • bookmarks4seo.com
  • bookmarksaifi.com
  • bookmarksbay.com
  • bookmarksclub.com
  • bookmarksden.com
  • bookmarksea.com
  • bookmarksfocus.com
  • bookmarkshome.com
  • bookmarkshq.com
  • bookmarksknot.com
  • bookmarksoflife.com
  • bookmarksparkle.com
  • bookmarkspecial.com
  • bookmarkspedia.com
  • bookmarkspiral.com
  • bookmarkspring.com
  • bookmarkspy.com
  • bookmarkssocial.com
  • bookmarkstime.com
  • bookmarkstown.com
  • bookmarkstumble.com
  • bookmarksurl.com
  • bookmarksusa.com
  • bookmarkswing.com
  • bookmarksystem.com
  • bookmarktheme.com
  • bookmarktiger.com
  • bookmarkunit.com
  • bookmarkuse.com
  • bookmarkusers.com
  • bookmarkvids.com
  • bookmarkworm.com
  • bookmarkwuzz.com
  • bookmarkyourpage.com
  • bookmarkzap.com
  • brightbookmarks.com
  • cheapbookmarking.com
  • checkbookmarks.com
  • classifylist.com
  • companyspage.com
  • crossbookmark.com
  • cruxbookmarks.com
  • cyberbookmarking.com
  • dailybookmarkhit.com
  • dekut.com
  • dftsocial.com
  • digibookmarks.com
  • diigo.com
  • directmysocial.com
  • dirstop.com
  • dmozbookmark.com
  • doctorbookmark.com
  • dzone.com
  • e-bookmarks.com
  • easiestbookmarks.com
  • echobookmarks.com
  • enrollbookmarks.com
  • esocialmall.com
  • eternalbookmarks.com
  • exactlybookmarks.com
  • express-page.com
  • expressbookmark.com
  • extrabookmarking.com
  • ez-bookmarking.com
  • ezmarkbookmarks.com
  • ezyspot.com
  • fatallisto.com
  • fellowfavorite.com
  • folkd.com
  • free-bookmarking.com
  • freebookmarkpost.com
  • freshbookmarking.com
  • friendlybookmark.com
  • funbookmarking.com
  • gatherbookmarks.com
  • geilebookmarks.com
  • geniusbookmarks.com
  • get-social-now.com
  • getidealist.com
  • getpocket.com
  • getsocialnetwork.com
  • getsocialpr.com
  • getsocialselling.com
  • getsocialsource.com
  • gogogobookmarks.com
  • google.com/bookmarks/
  • gorillasocialwork.com
  • greatbookmarking.com
  • growthbookmarks.com
  • guidemysocial.com
  • guideyoursocial.com
  • health-lists.com
  • highkeysocial.com
  • hindibookmark.com
  • hotbookmarking.com
  • hubwebsites.com
  • hylistings.com
  • hypebookmarking.com
  • hyperbookmarks.com
  • icelisting.com
  • ihaan.org
  • ilovebookmark.com
  • ilovebookmarking.com
  • indexedbookmarks.com
  • indianscoop.net
  • infopagex.com
  • iowa-bookmarks.com
  • isocialfans.com
  • iwanttobookmark.com
  • johsocial.com
  • kbookmarking.com
  • kingbookmark.com
  • kingslists.com
  • ledbookmark.com
  • leftbookmarks.com
  • letsbookmarkit.com
  • letusbookmark.com
  • lingeriebookmark.com
  • linkarena.com
  • linkedbookmarker.com
  • linkingbookmark.com
  • linkr.hu
  • listingbookmarks.com
  • livebackpage.com
  • livebookmarking.com
  • loanbookmark.com
  • macrobookmarks.com
  • madbookmarks.com
  • madesocials.com
  • maroonbookmarks.com
  • mediafiremax.com
  • mediajx.com
  • mediasocially.com
  • mendeley.com
  • meshbookmarks.com
  • minibookmarking.com
  • minibookmarks.com
  • mirrorbookmarks.com
  • mixbookmark.com
  • mnobookmarks.com
  • modernbookmarks.com
  • monobookmarks.com
  • my-social-box.com
  • myeasybookmarks.com
  • myhq.com
  • mykith.com
  • mylittlebookmark.com
  • mypresspage.com
  • mysitesname.com
  • mysocialfeeder.com
  • mysocialguides.com
  • mysocialname.com
  • mysocialport.com
  • mysocialquiz.com
  • mysterybookmarks.com
  • nanobookmarking.com
  • natural-bookmark.com
  • naturalbookmarks.com
  • netvouz.com
  • networkbookmarks.com
  • nimmansocial.com
  • nowbookmarks.com
  • nybookmark.com
  • ok-social.com
  • olivebookmarks.com
  • onelifesocial.com
  • onlinewebmarks.com
  • onlybookmarkings.com
  • opensocialfactory.com
  • optimusbookmarks.com
  • pageoftoday.com
  • peakbookmarks.com
  • pearltrees.com
  • peoplebookmarks.com
  • plurk.com
  • podbean.com
  • pr1bookmarks.com
  • pr4links.com
  • pr6bookmark.com
  • pr7bookmark.com
  • pr8bookmarks.com
  • prbookmarkingwebsites.com
  • privatebookmark.com
  • pukkabookmarks.com
  • push2bookmark.com
  • ragingbookmarks.com
  • rankuppages.com
  • reallivesocial.com
  • reddit.com
  • redhotbookmarks.com
  • rotatesites.com
  • royalbookmarking.com
  • sb-bookmarking.com
  • scoop.it
  • scrapbookmarket.com
  • seolistlinks.com
  • setbookmarks.com
  • siambookmark.com
  • single-bookmark.com
  • singnalsocial.com
  • sirketlist.com
  • sitejot.com
  • sites2000.com
  • sitesrow.com
  • slashdot.org
  • socbookmarking.com
  • social-galaxy.com
  • social-lyft.com
  • social-medialink.com
  • social40.com
  • social4geek.com
  • socialaffluent.com
  • socialbaskets.com
  • socialbookmarkgs.com
  • socialbraintech.com
  • socialbuzzfeed.com
  • socialbuzzmaster.com
  • socialbuzztoday.com
  • socialclubfm.com
  • socialdosa.com
  • socialdummies.com
  • socialevity.com
  • socialeweb.com
  • socialexpresions.com
  • socialfactories.com
  • socialicus.com
  • socialimarketing.com
  • socialinplace.com
  • socialioapp.com
  • socialislife.com
  • socialistener.com
  • sociallawy.com
  • sociallweb.com
  • sociallytraffic.com
  • socialmarkz.com
  • socialmediaentry.com
  • socialmediastore.net
  • socialmediatotal.com
  • socialnetworkadsinfo.com
  • socialrator.com
  • socialrus.com
  • socials360.com
  • socialskates.com
  • socialstrategie.com
  • socialtechnet.com
  • socialupme.com
  • socialwebconsult.com
  • socialwebleads.com
  • socialwebmarks.com
  • socialwebnotes.com
  • socialwoot.com
  • sociopost.com
  • sound-social.com
  • sparxsocial.com
  • startaid.com
  • subbmitt.com
  • tbookmark.com
  • tealbookmarks.com
  • techonpage.com
  • telebookmarks.com
  • tetrabookmarks.com
  • thebookmarkage.com
  • thebookmarkid.com
  • thebookmarkking.com
  • thebookmarknight.com
  • thebookmarkplaza.com
  • thebookpage.com
  • thefairlist.com
  • thegreatbookmark.com
  • thejillist.com
  • thekiwisocial.com
  • thesocialcircles.com
  • thesocialintro.com
  • thesocialroi.com
  • thesocialvibes.com
  • throbsocial.com
  • ticketsbookmarks.com
  • tinybookmarks.com
  • todaybookmarks.com
  • top100bookmark.com
  • top10bookmark.com
  • topsocialplan.com
  • tornadosocial.com
  • totalbookmarking.com
  • tourbr.com
  • trackbookmark.com
  • travialist.com
  • tripsbookmarks.com
  • ttlink.com
  • tuffsocial.com
  • tumblr.com
  • tvsocialnews.com
  • updatesee.com
  • userbookmark.com
  • wavesocialmedia.com
  • wearethelist.com
  • webcastlist.com
  • webnowmedia.com
  • webookmarks.com
  • weheartit.com
  • whitebookmarks.com
  • wiishlist.com
  • wildbookmarks.com
  • wilink.fr
  • wise-social.com
  • wisesocialsmedia.com
  • worldlistpro.com
  • worldranklist.com
  • worldsocialindex.com
  • http://www.plurk.com
  • xyzbookmarks.com
  • yemle.com
  • yesbookmarks.com
  • youmobs.com
  • yourbookmarklist.com
  • yoursocialpeople.com
  • yxzbookmarks.com
  • zanybookmarks.com
  • zbookmarkhub.com
  • ztndz.com

What are the Best Backlinks?

In the vast ecosystem of backlinks, all are not created equal. Some backlinks carry more weight, more trust, and more authority, thereby having a greater impact on your site’s SEO. So, what makes a backlink the best?

  1. Relevant: Relevance is key. Backlinks from sites related to your niche or industry carry more weight than those from unrelated sites.
  2. Authoritative: Links from high DA and high PageRank (PR) sites are considered more trustworthy and impactful. These are often seen as the ‘best’ backlinks one can have.
  3. Dofollow: Dofollow backlinks pass on the link equity (or SEO value) from the referring website to the linked website. These are the types of links that count toward your site’s ranking.
  4. From Unique Domains: Getting multiple links from a single website has diminishing returns. Backlinks from unique domains often prove to be more beneficial.
  5. Contextual: Backlinks placed within the content of a webpage are considered higher quality than links found elsewhere, like in the sidebar or footer.
  6. Naturally Acquired: The best backlinks are those earned naturally through high-quality content rather than obtained through manipulative tactics (black-hat SEO).

What are the Different Types of Backlinks?

Backlinks can be categorized into different types based on various factors such as the linking website’s attributes, the link’s placement, and the link’s functionality. Here are the most common types:

  1. Dofollow Backlinks: These are the most beneficial type of backlink as they pass SEO value and authority from the referring website to yours.
  2. Nofollow Backlinks: Nofollow backlinks instruct search engines not to follow the link and, therefore, do not pass SEO value. However, they can still direct traffic and improve your site’s visibility.
  3. Internal and External Backlinks: Internal backlinks link to content within the same domain, while external backlinks link to content on other domains.
  4. Natural, Manual, and Self-Created Backlinks: Natural backlinks are earned without any action from the site owner, usually due to the content’s value. Manual backlinks are actively sought out through link-building activities. Self-created backlinks are created by the site owner on online directories, forums, blog comments, etc.
  5. Contextual Backlinks: These are links placed within the content of a web page rather than in the header, footer, or sidebar.
  6. High DA, PR, and Authority Backlinks: These are backlinks from sites with high Domain Authority (DA), PageRank (PR), or overall authority.

Are Social Bookmarking Backlinks Good?

Yes, social bookmarking backlinks can be good for SEO. They can help increase your website’s visibility, improve your search engine ranking, generate more traffic, and provide faster indexing.

However, it’s essential to note that quality is more important than quantity. A large number of low-quality backlinks from spammy social bookmarking sites can harm your site’s SEO.

Therefore, it’s advisable to focus on high DA social bookmarking sites that allow dofollow backlinks.

Furthermore, remember that social bookmarking is a community activity. If you want to reap the benefits, you need to engage actively in the community, share valuable content, and not just use the platform for link building.

Overall, while social bookmarking backlinks can be beneficial, they should be part of a broader, diverse link-building strategy, along with other types of backlinks for the best results.

Want More Free Backlinks?

Check now our free backlink generators:

Free Backlink Generator

Free Youtube Backlink Generator

Free Google Backlink Generator

Capitalizing on Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO: Best Practices

Armed with the social bookmarking sites list, the next step is learning how to effectively utilize these platforms for SEO benefits.

  1. Profile Creation: The first step is to create a user profile on the social bookmarking site of your choice. Complete all the necessary details, including username, profile picture, bio, and, most importantly, the website link.
  2. Content Submission: Once your profile is set, it’s time to submit your content. Remember, variety is key here. You can submit blog posts, articles, images, videos, etc. Each piece of content should have an engaging title and description to attract more views.
  3. Intelligent Use of Tags: Most social bookmarking sites provide the option to add tags to your submissions. Tags are a great way to reach out to a broader audience, so use them wisely.
  4. Community Engagement: Social bookmarking isn’t just about submitting your content and waiting for the magic to happen. It’s also about being part of a community. Engage with others, comment on posts, upvote content you like, and build a network.

Remember, the goal here isn’t just to use these sites for SEO benefits. It’s about becoming a valued member of a community, contributing valuable content, and in return, enhancing your website’s SEO performance.

Curating the Ultimate Social Bookmarking Site List

One of the essential tasks in SEO is to maintain an up-to-date and comprehensive social bookmarking site list. An extensive list can serve as a handy tool for any SEO professional.

This site list is your go-to resource for building high-quality links, reaching a wider audience, and maximizing your off-page SEO efforts.

When it comes to preparing this list, it’s not just about quantity, though. Quality is paramount. This is why it’s crucial to include sites with high Domain Authority (DA), popular social networks, and bookmarking submission sites.

Social bookmarking is one potent off-page SEO technique that can significantly boost your website’s visibility and ranking.

Selecting the Best Social Bookmarking Sites

How do you choose the best social bookmarking sites for your site list? Here are a few pointers to guide you:

High DA: Prioritize sites with high DA, as these are considered more authoritative by search engines. These sites can provide valuable dofollow social bookmarking backlinks that pass on SEO value to your website.

Popularity: Popular social networks and bookmarking sites often have a larger audience, giving your content more exposure. A higher number of users means more potential traffic and shares, amplifying the reach of your content.

Niche Relevance: The best social bookmarking site for you is one that aligns with your content’s niche. For instance, if your website or blog deals with photography, a bookmarking site like Flickr would be a good fit. Niche relevance can help you reach a more targeted audience.

Crafting a Bookmarking Site List

Creating a bookmarking site list involves more than just copying and pasting URLs into a spreadsheet. It requires careful evaluation of each site, and it’s a process that can be time-consuming. But don’t worry; your hard work will pay off.

To start with, explore new social bookmarking sites, as these often have less competition and can offer unique opportunities.

Including free social bookmarking sites in your list can also be beneficial, especially if you’re working on a budget.

Don’t forget to include the site’s DA in your list. High DA indicates a high authority website, which is a crucial factor when it comes to SEO.

 There are several online tools available that can help you check a site’s DA.

Keep your bookmarking site list organized. Categorize the sites based on their niche, DA, type of backlinks they provide (dofollow or nofollow), etc.

Also, keep an eye out for high PR social bookmarking sites and include them in your list.

Utilizing Your Site List

Once you have a comprehensive social bookmarking site list, how do you use it effectively? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Content Sharing: Start by sharing your website or blog content on these sites. Include a catchy title, an engaging description, and relevant tags to improve its visibility.
  2. Active Participation: Social bookmarking is not a one-way street. Engage with the community, upvote or like other users’ bookmarks, and leave constructive comments. This active participation can earn you a reputation within the community, resulting in more views and shares of your content.
  3. Monitoring and Analysis: Keep an eye on your bookmarks’ performance. Are they getting upvotes, comments, or shares? Use these insights to refine your bookmarking strategy.

Riding the Waves of Social Bookmarking Trends in 2023

As we move forward into 2023, the importance of social bookmarking as an effective SEO tool will continue to grow. New sites will spring up, old ones may lose their charm, and the DA of existing sites may fluctuate. Staying on top of these changes is critical.


In the vast world of SEO, social bookmarking holds a vital place. It’s a tool that, when used correctly, can significantly enhance the visibility and ranking of your website or blog. However, as with any SEO technique, its effective application requires an understanding of the process and strategic planning.

With a well-crafted list of over 400 free social bookmarking sites at your disposal, you might feel overwhelmed. But remember, it’s not about how many sites you can submit your links to; it’s about the quality of your submissions. Explore these sites, understand their community and guidelines, and use them to your advantage.

Finally, the journey of SEO is a continuous one. Keep learning, keep evolving, and keep bookmarking. Happy SEO in 2023!


How to get more high-quality backlinks?

Consider investing time and resources in the following strategies:

Software designed for creating backlinks can be highly beneficial, as these often generate superior quality backlinks compared to basic online generators. Renowned options include Money Robot and Ranker X.
Professional link-building services are available on platforms like Fiverr and various other freelancing websites, or alternatively, you could hire an SEO agency with expertise in off-page optimization techniques.
Consider utilizing a backlink checker to identify and emulate the successful backlink strategies of your competitors. Our Free Backlinks Checker can be used to discover the most effective backlinks of your rivals.

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