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Content Marketing Blueprint AudioBook and Ebook

A New Way to Think About Content That Will Transform Your Business Content marketing has been the most important and powerful form of digital marketing for the last several years. According to market research, that is only set to continue as the savviest marketers and businesses are investing more than ever before into this practice. So, what is content marketing and why is it such a big deal? Essentially, content marketing means creating new content for your website or blog and then using this to grow your audience as well as build trust and authority. The most obvious form of content marketing is written content. This will likely mean creating a blog post every week, every day or multiple times a day and then sharing it online through social media and other platforms. This has many different benefits. On the one hand, content marketing is a perfect companion for SEO and social media marketing. Any SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) worth their salt, knows that Google runs on content. The very purpose of Google is to pair its visitors with the right entertainment and information. This is what we call content.

Hi, I’m Flo! As a lover of Digital Marketing, I enjoy writing guides and tips for anybody who is just curious about it or wants to learn it professionally.

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