Earn points!

First, Why do you need points??

Points here are essential to have the opportunity to download a lot of premium resources about digital marketing, all for FREE!! You only need to use the points you earn to download this kind of content.  [CLICK HERE to use your points and download amazing products!]

But how to earn points?

It's very, very simple:

  • When you register, you will earn: 50 points
  • For each day you visit our site, you will earn: 5 points (one time per day)
  • When you log in, you will receive: 3 points (one time per day)
  • For each comment, you will earn: 5 points (max 2 times per day, for SPAM minus 5 points)
  • When you watch one of our videos, you will earn: 10 points (one time per day)
  • When a year passes from your registration, you will earn: 100 points
  • When you get a new friendship, you will earn: 10 points (one time per day)

You can check how many points you have by clicking My Profile in the menu.

Don't you have time for these activities? You can simply buy down below the points with Paypal.

1 Point = 1 USD