Free Keyword Discovery Tool - For Keyword Research

This brand-new Free Keyword Discovery Tool will help you discover new keywords for stronger content that ranks better with accurate keyword analysis providing search volume and cost-per-click data.

Keyword Discovery Tool helps you find the best keywords to target, gives you the data you need to rank for them, and it's free for all users, making the process of finding the right keywords easy.

One of the basic steps for search engine optimization (SEO) is choosing the right keywords, and this is something that cannot be undervalued since you need comprehensive keyword research to rank first on Google.

There are two types of keywords: long-tail and short-tail. Short-tail keywords usually have much more competition than long-tail ones. Long-tail keywords, however, have a lower search volume than short-tail keywords. In the early stages of your online business, you should choose long-tail keywords so that you can have more chances of ranking.

How to use this free keyword discovery tool?

1)In the search bar, enter a keyword that represents the topic you want to discuss;

2) Indicate the country you would like to write for;

3) Press submit;

4) The keyword discovery tool will show you a list of related keywords. You can see their search volume and Cost Per Click (CPC);

5) If you want you can also copy the results or download them with the top right buttons.

How to perform good keyword research?

1) Pick a topic;

2) Use a keyword research tool to find related keywords;

3) Choose a long-tail keyword with a good amount of search volume (at least 100);

4) Enter the keyword you chose into Google and do a quick search;

5) Check the Domain Authority (DA) of the first 10 competitors on the SERP. You can use our Free Domain Authority Checker;

6. Add all the DA values of the competitors and divide by 10 to get the average;

7)If the resulting number is near your Domain Authority, then you have a chance of ranking on the first page.

What to do after the keyword research?

Now it's time to write the blog post! But where to position the keyword?

In order to best optimize the post for search engines, it's important to put the primary keyword in the URL, in the Title Tag, in at least one H2,H3 or H4, in the first sentence and in the last sentence

Is keyword research still important in 2023?

The world of SEO is constantly evolving, in the past, you could use techniques like keyword stuffing, link cloaking, invisible text, etc. However, now Google will penalize your website if you use these methods.

Google released its Helpful Content Update in December 2022, which will improve the ranking of blogs with good quality and useful content.

This means that you should write great content for your audience and combine it with good keyword research. So the answer is YES, keyword research is still important nowadays but you should also focus on writing helpful content for users.

Benefits of keyword research:

-Maximize traffic, thanks to keyword research you will be able to rank better and gain much more traffic;

-Gain quality traffic, the more the keyword is related and contextual the more you will attract quality traffic;

-Increase conversions, since you will get more quality traffic you will be able to convert more.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is how often a certain keyword appears on a page, and it affects ranking. Depending on your topic, you should use a specific keyword density. A good way to determine a keyword density that works is to check your competitors who already rank well. You can use our Free Keyword Density Checker.

We hope you enjoy our Free Keyword Discovery Tool!