Free New Backlink Checker Tool - Check the Newest Backlinks of Any Site

About our Free New Backlink Checker Tool:

You can use our Free New Backlink Checker Tool to see the newest backlinks of  your website or your competitors' ones.

You can use this backlink tool as often as you want, and it's completely free for all our users.

How To Use This Tool?

1) Enter the website's URL in the search bar;

2) Click submit;

3) A list of the newest backlinks of the website will appear under this section, along with their anchor text and destination, and if the backlink is no-follow, it will be displayed in red;

4) The right side of the page shows the link's Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) as well as when it was found;

5) If you like you can download this backlinks report by clicking the "Download" button above.

What are Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Page authority (PA) measures how well a particular web page will rank in search results, while Domain Authority (DA) measures how well an entire website will rank.

To check a website's page authority you can use our Free Page Authority Checker.

To check a website's domain authority you can use our Free Domain Authority Checker.

How to get High-quality Backlinks?

Hope you enjoy our Free New Backlink Checker Tool!