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How many backlinks per day is safe in the eyes of Google?

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The answer to how many links per day is safe is not so simple. Actually, there is no exact safe quantity of backlinks to get every day because Google doesn’t care about the number of backlinks. Instead, the quality of the backlinks is what really matters.

You can get tons of backlinks every day and Google will not penalize your site for this but can penalize it if you get toxic or low-quality backlinks.

So be sure the backlinks you get are safe and good quality.

But what makes a backlink safe? Let’s discuss that in the next chapter.

What is a safe and high-quality backlink?

The first things to consider about a backlink are the domain authority, the page authority, and the spam score.

All this information can be easily obtained through online SEO tools such as Ahrefs and Moz.

A good quality backlink should have a domain authority score of 30 to 100, a page authority score of at least 20 to 100 (not too low in comparison to its DA), and a spam score lower than 30%.

Relevance is another important factor to consider. The more relevant the site content pointing to yours is, the more the link will be valuable because with relevant links you will get a natural backlink profile in the eyes of Google. 

Is adding too many backlinks dangerous?

This is a very common question, and as I explained before, you can build as many links as you want, the number of links isn’t important. I have seen sites getting even 500 links per day, and Google did not penalize them.

The only factor of a link you should consider is its quality, so you should focus on quality rather than quantity. 

How Much Do Backlinks Matter?

The answer is pretty straightforward. Backlinks matter a lot or almost everything. But according to some, the most important factor is content, which, they think, when combined with good on-page SEO, will result in ranking higher. That’s not true, or just partially true.

The content is obviously important, in particular for your audience, as well as the SEO On-page, but the most important element for appearing on the first page of SERPs is the Off-page strategy.

Having more high-quality backlinks will increase a website’s authority, which will enhance its ability to rank. Even with the most optimized content, with all the keywords placed in the right places and at the right density, if you do not have enough backlinks, you will not get on the first page of search results.

SEO specialists often concentrate all their efforts on On-page SEO and technical SEO, ignoring Off-page SEO completely, which instead has the greatest impact on your rankings. So remember to develop a good link-building strategy that complements On-page optimization.

Can you rank without backlinks?

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It isn’t easy, but you can rank even if you don’t have backlinks. To do that, you have to do careful keyword research and find keywords that have 0-1 difficulty.

A keyword’s difficulty may vary depending on the website’s ranking for that search term, if they have no backlinks or few, you may be able to reach the rankings if you create quality content and do On-page optimization.

Unfortunately, these are very rare and have low research volume, so even if you rank on the first page of Google, you won’t get much traffic from them. This is why building good backlinks is important to gain authority and boost your rankings

You can check a keyword difficulty with SEMScoop, an amazing tool that does a real-time calculation for keyword difficulty score also gives you all the information about your competitors like their backlinks, their content size, their domain, and page authority so you can easily rank your website.

The number of backlinks you need to rank

This depends on what keyword you are trying to rank for. First, you need to do a competitor analysis: search on Google the keyword, copy the URL of the first 10 results, and check their backlinks with the free backlink checker from Ahrefs.

By using this tool, you can see their best backlinks and try to obtain a link from them. Make sure to pay attention to the domain authority of the linking website, and discard all the low-quality backlinks. 

What are toxic backlinks?

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Toxic backlinks have low quality and usually are backlinks from spammy websites, which hurts your website’s reputation and lowers its authority.

Usually, they are forum comments or directories that contain a lot of links pointing to other websites, so Google considers them unnatural links and your site can get penalized. So always keep your site safe from toxic links!

How do you know if you have a toxic link?

You can check the spam score of any website with Moz or free tools like this spam score checker.

How do you get rid of toxic backlinks?

If you want to remove the toxic backlinks you have, you need to use the disavow tool in Google Search Console. You can upload a text file with all the toxic links and Google will remove them for you. 

How to get backlinks from high-authority websites?

There are many ways to get high-quality backlinks. There are backlinks software like RankerX and Money Robot that will create high DA backlinks automatically.

You can also use our free backlinks generator online, or you can build backlinks manually. Check our free list of backlinks with high-quality and do-follow links. You can also order backlinks on Fiverr from link-building services. Check our backlinks service on Fiverr.

How long should be the content length for all backlinks?

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The length of the content depends on the type of backlinks. Backlinks from articles usually require the longest content. For the backlink to be valuable, the content must be relevant, contextual, and high quality. Articles should have a minimum word count of 1000 words and include specific keywords that you want to rank for. 

What is anchor text in SEO?

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The anchor text is the visible text of a hyperlink. For example, the word click here can contain a link to a website. There are different types of it:

  • naked is when the link is shown directly like http://www.websitename.com;
  • generic that contains generic words like click heredetails, etc;
  • branded  that contains the name of the brand like Yourbrandname;
  • exact match  that contains the primary keyword of the article you are linking to;
  • partial match is when you use similar keywords to the primary one.

You should use many anchor text variations when building links to your site to make sure that the links seem more natural and spontaneous.

How many backlinks to insert per article?

It’s usually recommended to put no more than 3 backlinks per article. However, not all websites allow you to place three links, sometimes only one or two, you must follow their rules. 

How long does it take for backlinks to take effect on a website?

Backlinks may take as long as 10 months or even as little as 10 days to take effect on some websites. In order for a backlink to take effect, we have different factors to keep in consideration:

  • Crawl rate refers to the number of requests per second Google’s search engine crawler called GoogleBot can make to your site. You cannot change how often Google crawls your site, but you can ask it to re-crawl your site if you have new or updated content through Google Search Console’s free URL inspection tool;
  • Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are determined by the number and quality of backlinks a website or page has. If the website that points to your site has high DA and PA, the backlinks will be stronger;
  • Do-follow and No-follow links, Do-follow links give your site much more power than No-follow ones;
  • Contextual links contain related content to your website/page and have a more significant effect on your ranking.

Why backlinks are not showing up?

If your backlinks aren’t showing it’s probably because Google didn’t index them. This could be for several reasons:

  • The link is spammy and low quality, this is why you should boost up the link with amazing, contextual, and unique content. The link value will increase and it may even be indexed by Google;
  • The website or page with the link pointing to your site has a no-index tag. You can ask the website owner to remove the tag so that Google can index the website/page;
  • The content is not original (or AI-generated), and for this reason, even a good-quality link can turn into a low-quality one, always try to write the content by yourself or hire someone for doing that, never use AI content, especially with the latest Google algorithm update.

How to index a backlink?

You can submit your backlink to the free URL inspection tool of Google Search Console, or you can use a free indexer like Ping Farm or a paid indexer that will help you index your backlinks like OneHourIndexing.


How to check how many backlinks a website has?

You can use free tools online like the Free Backlinks Checker from Ahrefs.

How much do backlinks cost?

Backlinks cost varies according to where you buy them and their value, such as their domain authority and traffic. They can charge from 10 to 100 dollars for each link. They can be purchased on Fiverr or you can buy software to create them automatically like Money Robot and RankerX

Which are the backlinks best practices?

Only get good quality backlinks that have a high DA from 30 to 100, high PA from 20 to 100, low spam score under 30%, they need to be contextual, highly relevant, and contain all the keywords you want to rank for also use a mixture of all the anchor texts to make the links look more natural.

How to get a free list of good quality backlinks?

You can use our +750 high DA and Do follow list of backlinks.

Where to find a free online backlinks generator?

You can use for free our backlinks generator.

Where to find free backlinks software?

Backlinks Warrior and Backlinks Analyzer are amazing backlinks software and totally free!


Our goal with this article was to make sure you understood the importance of quality backlinks and to answer your question on how many backlinks is it safe to build every day. In short, you are free to build even a lot of backlinks every day, all you need to do is ensure they are of high quality. 

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