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How to Avoid Plagiarism with AI (ChatGPT) – The Final Solution to Create Original Content

Today we are going to talk about How to Avoid Content Writing Plagiarism with AI, in particular, Chat GPT.

Google Helpful Content Update

As many of you may know, Google released the “Helpful Content Update”. With this update, Google started to penalize auto-generated content, so basically, every piece of content written by AI will be considered spam.

This is the reason why many websites lost the majority of their rankings on the SERPs.

It doesn’t mean we can’t use AI-generated content at all, we just need to act smart, and take some actions, so Google will believe it was 100 % written by humans.

Creating a Piece of Content with ChatGPT

The first thing we are going to do is to actually create a piece of content with the help of Chat GPT, one of the most advanced AI out there.

Asking ChatGPT to create a piece of content

Here, as you can see, I’ve asked the AI to write a text about SEO.

Using a Free AI Content Detector to Analyze ChatGPT Content

I’m going to use a Free AI content Detector Tool (you can find many of them online) to see if it can detect if AI wrote this text.

Let’s copy and paste it into the text box of the tool, and check the originality of the content.

Using an AI Content deterctor tool

As you can see the result is not good at all, it easily detected the AI-generated content, and be sure that Google will detect it too.

So how we do fix this problem? It’s quite easy actually, we just have to write the text in a different way, and apply some changes, but we don’t have to do this manually or it will take quite a long time to rewrite it all.

How to Fix Plagiarism Content Problem

 By using Chat GPT first, and two free tools, I’ll show you how to accomplish this.

One tool is an Article Rewriter tool, and you can find many free tools of that type online, and another is a Paraphrasing Tool, a unique tool that can improve your content, and make it completely original so that Google could never tell it was written by artificial intelligence.

Rewriting Content with ChatGPT

Let’s first use Chat GPT to rewrite content.

As you can see I’ve asked it to rewrite the content by using synonyms, except for SEO-related words.

Using a Free AI Content Detector to Analyze the New Version of ChatGPT Content

Let’s verify this time if the AI detector can actually understand if the content is 100 % written by an AI.

As you can see it improved so much, now it says that 27 % is written by humans, which is obviously fake, but we were able to trick the detection.

Rewriting Content with Free Article Rewriter Tool

Now let’s use the first tool, the Free Article Rewriter Tool, here again, we can replace words with synonyms, but we can also preserve some words, for example, in this case, I’ll keep all the SEO-related words as we did with Chat GPT.

using an article rewriter and spinner tool

Using a Free AI Content Detector to Analyze the Second Version of ChatGPT Content

Let’s copy and paste the text on the detector.

Using ai content detector tool for the third time

And as you can see now it’s 100 % human-generated content. Amazing! Right?

But Google probably will be even smarter and more advanced to detect AI content, so a further step we can take to trick Google detection is to use the Paraphrasing Tool.

Rewriting Content with Paraphrasing Tool (Wordtune)

In this case, I will use Wordtune, which has also a free version where you can rewrite up to 10 sentences every day.

Using wordtune paraphrasing tool

Here you can see its amazing ability to paraphrase sentences, it can also correct the spelling and grammar, and give you suggestions for synonyms to use that better fit the content.

Your content is now completely original, so it’s time to rank it.

How to Rank Content on SERPs

In order to rank content, it’s not enough that Google sees it as written by humans; it also has to be optimized for SEO.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is the practice of optimizing a website in order to improve its ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

No matter how experienced you are with SEO, you will find it helpful to have a checklist with all the explanations you need for SEO.

I have just created one for you! Completely FREE!

FREE Ultimate SEO Checklist

It contains each of the steps you need to take to rank by using On page and Off page SEO techniques.

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Free SEO Checklist


As you can see, it needs only three steps to create a completely unique and original piece of content, so now, you will be able to create unlimited content with ChatGPT without worrying about Google penalization.

I hope you enjoyed this guide about How to Avoid Plagiarism with AI (ChatGPT) and that it was helpful.

In case you want to see the video:

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